Behind a driving force of changing customer expectations Ford required a solution that would improve customer service and signposting within their dealerships, creating a more immersive experience. It was vital that the end result had the ability to evolve and grow as well as fit in any dealership.

APS Group - Ford Store


We were tasked with facilitating a premium showroom upgrade program across Ford’s European dealerships; managing communications, manufacturing, procurement, logistics handling and implementation for materials, such as free-standing walls and furniture.

APS Group - Ford Premium Standards


We created 4 fully interactive customer ‘zones’ in each showroom, along with over 1,000 pages of self-guided, multilingual documentation and videos for dealers. Due to varying dealer sizes, we produced modular ‘kits’ that would work in any dealer environment across Ford’s 3,500 locations.

APS Group - Ford Store programme
"APS’s end-to-end management approach has delivered some great flexibility for us and our dealers and customers have been really impressed with the service."
Manager Retail Experience, Ford of Europe