Conference Collateral

BMW held their largest convention in over 10 years in Cape Town. There were 400 delegates over 5 days with daily events that required bespoke menus and supporting information.

Although BMW have event management agencies, they don’t know the brand guidelines as well as APS which can delay the design process, therefore our on-site studio team were tasked with creating menus, restaurant and table branding for 14 meals at 12 different venues.

The challenge

Each venue needed bespoke materials designing that encompassed the look and feel of the restaurant, whilst also ensuring that all items adhered to and were clearly part of the BMW brand.

What did we deliver?

APS designed 31 items altogether to fit the event theme, 21 of which were printed (10 were produced locally in South Africa as large format or were used for digital screens). Many of these were unique items cut to shape, or with luxury print finishes.

The outcome

  • We have worked with the BMW Events team to find a workflow where APS lead on print and production which is mirrored in the setup of artwork. BMW and their agencies are very pleased with this process, and we work closely and collaboratively to strengthen these relationships.
  • Our costs were significantly lower than an event agency as we know the brand so could action quickly.
  • We’ve since been briefed on a similar event in Tokyo by the same agency for MINI.

From the client

We gave APS the impossible task – create a set of print that reflected all the unique and individual personalities of the venues, but with a common theme to tie them together!

They helped us refine the identity of the event with an eye-catching lock up that featured on all the print work, they really pushed their creative boundaries resulting in some very unique menus and associated items to enhance our theming.

They totally delivered, not only in terms of deadlines and the broad variety of menus and creative, but also by enhancing the look of each venue with the wonderful print work that they created.

Helen Boakes

BMW UK Events Manager, B2B