Sustainability in retail webinar

Webinar Key Takeaways | The New Focus on Sustainability in Retail

Recently, we were delighted to be joined by renowned Global Retail Sustainability Strategist, Steve Lister, for our webinar on, ‘The New Focus on Sustainability in Retail.’ Steve was recently named as a ‘Top 50 Retail Technology Influencer in 2021,’ and he is also an Alternative Materials Innovator, so he truly understands retail, sustainability, and the challenges facing the sector.

Take a look through the video below for the key takeaways from the webinar

“Boring retail is dead, but sustainable retail is flourishing”.

We don’t need to remind you of the acceleration of digital trends over the last year, but one thing that retailers must take away from the changing landscape is the new focus of consumers. A recent survey by Deloitte, Shifting Sands, observed that consumers do value sustainable and ethical brands with 43% valuing sustainable packaging and 44% valuing waste reduction from brands. Importantly, the data also showed that 50% are willing to pay more for environmental and ethical brands.

But making sustainable decisions has never been more difficult for brands

Often brands are left with more questions than answers regarding their sustainability strategy; with government legislation constantly evolving, retailers and brands set their own initiatives and targets plus changing opinions and trends from consumers. Even knowing which accreditation to align your brand with can be a minefield when there are 456 eco labels globally, across 25 sectors and 199 countries.

However, the brands that are sustainability pioneers are leading the way and it’s time others learn how to navigate the complexity of sustainability so as not to risk falling behind in this competitive industry. From listing the c02 emissions on products, refill systems or recycling used packaging and repurposing the waste into materials for store signage, there are wonderful examples across the world to help inspire brands to start their sustainability journey.

Take your customers on the journey with you

Share your story with your consumers, show them the steps you are taking to evolve, the supply chains you are challenging, and the sustainable decisions you are making. Whether you’re considering new sustainable materials, creating circular design thinking, or looking for digital innovations, communicating and being transparent with your consumers is vital. It doesn’t matter how small you start, as long as you start somewhere.

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