Companies House

Secure Mailings

As part of our Crown Commercial Services agreement (Lot 1 RM3785 Managed Print and Digital), we took on the printing and dispatch of the Companies House highly secure mailing activity.


In collaboration with Companies House to kick start project transition, we developed a comprehensive work stream plan –this included a parallel run of work during the final week of transfer to account for its highly critical and no-fail nature. As with all project implementations, our risk and compliance team developed and managed a risk register. This also included developing and testing a disaster recovery solution. We set up a secure communications channel to receive daily automated print requests.


Our facility holds full PCI DSS certification -all data is fully encrypted and rigid data retention standards ensure that all customer data is deleted within 30 days. The items are then printed through our automated production line, mail sorted and despatched. Print quality has been guaranteed through a combination of Six Sigma sample size calculators and internal quality management tools.


By working collaboratively with Companies House to understand their mail profiles and volumes, we were able to recommend the most appropriate mail tariff. This was fully tested through our in-house high speed mail sortation machines to validate address quality and qualification. The fully automated file receipt, validation and production readiness routines are much more efficient, with Companies House now only needing to become involved if any discrepancies arise. The main SLA of zero spoils and 100% correct despatches each day is fulfilled.

Thank you to APS for delivering a seamless and pain free transition. The whole project was on a short timeline, but APS demonstrated agility and flexibility in adapting to what was required. The Companies House team quickly developed confidence in APS’s delivery capabilities, and we did indeed achieve the target that we both wanted.”

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