Horizon Scan – Charting Change for US Nonprofits

The APS Strategy and Innovation team have taken a deep dive into the key problems, opportunities and trends reshaping the US nonprofit sector. From current economic disruptions like the cost of living crisis and the noise around a potentially turbulent election year to heightened competition and generational shifts, we have analysed the forces at play to give you the chance to seize the opportunities for growth and innovation.

57% of Generation Z believes that giving financially has a greater impact than contributing skills or resources

Adapting and advancing in line with new generations is key for nonprofits to tackle. Traditional methods of communication such as broadcast messages, flyers and magazine ads, have proven inefficient in engaging with Gen Z and Millennials, so moving with digital transformation is vital, yet just 33% of nonprofits offer Apple Pay and 24% Google Pay, potentially alienating a large proportion of donors. Segmentation and targeted marketing has never been more important, and that’s why we’ve also created a bonus report focusing on generational analysis.

Inside the report we cover immersive and entertaining experiences to make your brand irresistibly shareable, the captivation of crowdfunding campaigns and its digital accessibility, the impact of the cost of living crisis, advertising noise, digital trends and more so you can unlock the pockets of potential our strategists have outlined.

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Webinar: Mitigating Uncertainty

Is your disaster recovery plan for customer communications robust enough? This was the topic of our webinar hosted by Amanda Beesley who is the Vice President of Consultancy at Aspire CCS, a specialist advisory firm dedicated to the CCM-CXM markets. 

Customer communications are becoming more intelligent and progressive, focusing on interactivity and improving the customer experience which has shown to improve brand perception and can influence success. Businesses are moving away from an inside-out operational approach to an outside-in model which is more dynamic, driven by real-time interactions and customer satisfaction to drive loyalty and engagement. 

This change does, however, bring increased risks and businesses need to adapt. Many risk profiles are outdated as threats are constantly evolving, from natural disasters and pandemics to digital and cybercrime, disaster recovery plans need to be constantly evaluated to keep up with the world. Consistent delivery of critical communications via the channel of choice needs to happen no matter what, or you risk reputational, commercial and regulatory impacts. 

1 out of 8 customers will switch providers due to poor customer experience and communication. 

Criteria to think about when choosing a disaster recovery partner are: 

  • Dual sourcing – choose a company that is not your main provider 
  • Proven ability to be able to reserve capacity to fulfill disaster recovery requirements in a timely manner 
  • Implementation of a dynamic testing routine 

APS serves as the disaster recovery partner for some of the largest financial services brands in the UK. Contact hello@theapsgroup.com to find out what we can do for you. 

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Webinar: A Generation of Change

We gathered an exciting panel of experts within the US nonprofit sector to discuss the evolution of this industry, including how to overcome challenges and gain a competitive edge in today’s landscape. The panel included: 

  • Johnny Burleson, Principal, Mid-Atlantic, Creative Fundraising Advisors
  • Kathy Higgins, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for a Healthier Generation
  • Chuck Kaylor, Chief of Staff, John M. Belk Endowment
  • Rob Potter, Head of Strategy and Planning, APS 

Several factors have affected the market and how donors, both new and regular, decide on who to support with their money and time. The last twenty years have brought so many significant life events and these have largely influenced how people, younger donors especially, view the world. The new generation is completely different to any that have come before, and this means the way in which nonprofits communicate with their audience must also change – complacency is not an option. 

We are over-saturated with advertising noise and so organisations need efficient and effective practices to cut through and engage with their target audience. Storytelling needs to be compelling to resonate and evoke an emotional reaction, whilst remaining transparent and authentic to build those all-important, lasting relationships. Communications need to be omni-channel as our sources of trusted information have now changed, nonprofits need to meet their audience where they are and be able to demonstrate impact and how they are making a difference. 

In addition to external marketing activity, the infrastructure of an organisation also needs to be stable and resilient to withstand changing trends over time. This includes things such as having the right board in place and building a culture of philanthropy, to utilising efficient technologies and working with the right suppliers. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To hear further insights on how to thrive as a nonprofit and turn challenges into opportunities, please fill in your details and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon. 

At APS, we have already helped a number of partners in this space become more efficient and effective with their marketing activities and operations, and we’d love to help your organisation do the same. Talk to us today, hello@theapsgroup.com 

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MORE Potential for 2024

It’s all too easy for marketers to feel as if they’re drowning in their attempts to sift through the shifting range of new products and ideas and catch what’s real and meaningful. We’ve made it our business to cut through the noise and look at the emerging trends we believe will have a significant impact on how we and our clients operate this year and beyond.

We take a look at the growth of video, debates around AI and how best to build your ESG strategy.

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