Hybrid Agency Model

Is your brand agile enough to move with changing consumer demands?

In-housing is no longer a movement on the edges of marketing, it’s the go-to strategy for many brands, 57% in fact across multi-nationals in 2020*, and it’s obvious to see why when you consider the flexibility it offers.

Marketers are fully rehearsed in having to be reactive and adapt to market changes and this expertise has been tested to whole new levels over the last 18 months. However, those marketers with an existing in-house agency were in a stronger position than most when outside forces caused an acceleration in e-commerce demands.

At your busiest times, you can rely on our Hybrid Agency Model

As consumers now absorb and engage with information at lightning speeds and their attention is divided across multiple platforms, marketers have a constant challenge to keep up with evolving consumer demands and expectations.

Managing surges in demand throughout the year, such as Black Friday, is made effortless through a hybrid agency model. This gives businesses the confidence that they can ramp activities up or down based on fluctuations in demand, giving fluidity in how and when they use creative agency resources.

Businesses can also take advantage of short-term opportunities and disruptive trends by knowing they have the dedicated support of a hybrid agency partner. More so than ever, reactive digital communications and campaigns are needed to stay connected to your customers and that means the need for speed. Working with an embedded hybrid agency partner means that brand understanding and consistency is not impaired by faster turnarounds, as all agency partners know the brand inside out.

Have you considered the idea of a Clubhouse account or perhaps thought about joining TikTok but don’t have the in-house skills or time to dedicate to it?

This is exactly when a hybrid model comes into its own because you can access specialist talent exactly when you need it for however long you need it for, whether that be a one-off campaign or a much larger project. You can have all your usual work handled by your efficient onsite studio, and marketing team supplemented by a near-site creative agency packed with specialist talent. Plus, your costs are aligned to the peaks and troughs in demand, keeping your marketing budgets healthy.

Increasing your speed to market with campaigns and responding to variations in demand is only successful when it is supported by the right technology that enables collaboration and communication across your teams. Our approach streamlines the creation, control, publishing, and analysing of your marketing campaigns through our cloud-based automation technology.

There’s a real feeling of satisfaction when things just fall into place, when your team works collaboratively, when technology underpins and makes seamless your work processes, when you can effortlessly scale up or down depending on demand. Take advantage of the APS hybrid agency model and talk to us today.

*WFA Report, 2020

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