The APS Strategy and Innovation team have taken a deep dive into the key problems, opportunities and trends reshaping the US nonprofit sector. From current economic disruptions like the cost of living crisis and the noise around a potentially turbulent election year to heightened competition and generational shifts, we have analysed the forces at play to give you the chance to seize the opportunities for growth and innovation.

57% of Generation Z believes that giving financially has a greater impact than contributing skills or resources

Adapting and advancing in line with new generations is key for nonprofits to tackle. Traditional methods of communication such as broadcast messages, flyers and magazine ads, have proven inefficient in engaging with Gen Z and Millennials, so moving with digital transformation is vital, yet just 33% of nonprofits offer Apple Pay and 24% Google Pay, potentially alienating a large proportion of donors. Segmentation and targeted marketing has never been more important, and that’s why we’ve also created a bonus report focusing on generational analysis.

Inside the report we cover immersive and entertaining experiences to make your brand irresistibly shareable, the captivation of crowdfunding campaigns and its digital accessibility, the impact of the cost of living crisis, advertising noise, digital trends and more so you can unlock the pockets of potential our strategists have outlined.

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