Is your disaster recovery plan for customer communications robust enough? This was the topic of our webinar hosted by Amanda Beesley who is the Vice President of Consultancy at Aspire CCS, a specialist advisory firm dedicated to the CCM-CXM markets. 

Customer communications are becoming more intelligent and progressive, focusing on interactivity and improving the customer experience which has shown to improve brand perception and can influence success. Businesses are moving away from an inside-out operational approach to an outside-in model which is more dynamic, driven by real-time interactions and customer satisfaction to drive loyalty and engagement. 

This change does, however, bring increased risks and businesses need to adapt. Many risk profiles are outdated as threats are constantly evolving, from natural disasters and pandemics to digital and cybercrime, disaster recovery plans need to be constantly evaluated to keep up with the world. Consistent delivery of critical communications via the channel of choice needs to happen no matter what, or you risk reputational, commercial and regulatory impacts. 

1 out of 8 customers will switch providers due to poor customer experience and communication. 

Criteria to think about when choosing a disaster recovery partner are: 

  • Dual sourcing – choose a company that is not your main provider 
  • Proven ability to be able to reserve capacity to fulfill disaster recovery requirements in a timely manner 
  • Implementation of a dynamic testing routine 

APS serves as the disaster recovery partner for some of the largest financial services brands in the UK. Contact to find out what we can do for you. 

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