Ford’s global showroom upgrade

As one of the world’s leading automotive brands, Ford offers forward-thinking cars for millions of customers. That includes everything from affordable vehicles to luxury driving experiences. Not to mention, the customer journey to purchase.

To that end came us. As the automotive customer journey is constantly evolving, we discovered a need for a more immersive experience in Ford’s showrooms. Specifically, a customer-led approach that improved the decision and sales process. Upgrading the entire showroom suite across their European dealerships, it was vital to introduce cutting-edge tech in ways that didn’t disrupt everyday business.


We’ve created four fully interactive customers ‘zones’ in each showroom. Additionally, that couples with over 1,000 pages of self-guided, multilingual documentation and video. This helps us because it future-proofs each dealership for constant evolution. Due to the variance in dealer size, we crafted modular ‘kits’ that would work in any dealer environment across Ford’s 2,500 locations.

Embracing change

Our solution seeks to embrace changing shopper habits, with cutting edge tech at the forefront. That includes things like LED and touchscreen interactive showcases and more. The project was delivered across 21 countries. We were coordinating delivery times and installation using our uniquely flexible tier one model.

"Given its complexity, scale & geographical reach, the level of precision & attention to detail within the Ford installation, is truly impressive. Working with European supply chains, this is the best example of how to project manage the smooth delivery of a complete end-to-end solution across a vast retail estate."

Judge, POPAI Awards UK and Ireland

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