As the Covid 19 pandemic has evolved over recent months, countries have rightly gone into lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. However the measures have started to show signs of slowing down the volume of those impacted. Many brands that have been shuttered or working on a limited scale can start to plan to open up again but the health and wellbeing of their employees and customers must be paramount.

Creating a new type of retail or working environment that puts preventative measures at the heart of its design must be considered and now is the time to plan for how that will take shape.

APS Group have been working closely with our clients to monitor the events of the Covid-19 situation and on planning for when the lockdown will pass and measures can be put in place to open up safe environments for employees and customers.

As part of our branded environments proposition our team of designers and subject experts have designed, sourced and developed a range of protective items that can be tailored to best fit the retail or working environments of our clients. A range of these items include;

  • Protection Screens
  • Distance Floor Stickers
  • Distance and Wayfinding Signs
  • Floor Information Totems
  • Pull Up Banners
  • Sanitizer Stations & Refills
  • Storm Boards
  • Bollard Covers
  • Strut Cards
  • Window Clings
  • Wobblers
  • T-Shirts

“As brands work to open up for business again in a safe and protected environment we’ve worked closely with our supply chain and partners to put together a range of commercial and office workplace solutions to safeguard employees and customers.”
Kim Naylor, Executive Director, APS Group

Why APS?

  • Specialist experience in branded environments working on fit outs across a range of private and public sector organizations
  • Trusted supply chain with assurances over quality and delivery of products
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Support on the design and fit out of the specific requirements
  • Products available to order now
  • Further products may be available on request

For more information on any of the protective environment solutions please speak to your account team or contact our team directly through the site.