Our Marketing Operations Suite is an intelligent set of online tools that help manage your marketing operations in a more efficient and cost-effective way, providing full transparency and a complete audit trail.

Why is it for you?

  • Centralise your marketing assets
  • Enhance communication between internal and external stakeholders
  • All workflow activity in one place
  • Used in 61 countries
  • Multichannel and localised assets
  • Protect and unify your brand identity
  • Order material online
  • Optimise your retail estate


Get everybody working together, no matter where they are in the world. Allow your employees to feel in control, as well as centralising all communication. We enable you to plan a project, create the brief, manage it through and communicate easily along the way.

"As well as providing us with a new and improved knowledge of our UK retail estate, the APS Group app has reduced the risk of over-ordering products and has ensured visibility of our stores and their assets."

POS/Promotion Manager, Superdrug

Save time

For routine marketing collateral you can translate, localise and publish across multiple channels from one source. This lowers the cost of document creation, eliminating high agency fees and ultimately gives you more thinking space.

"We’ll see an additional 35% time saving via our online job approval platform & our compliant templates will improve speed to market by an average of 8 days each time.”

Project Manager, AEGON UK

Brand perfection

Keep control of your brand by storing your assets centrally using our system. Guide your colleagues to download and use the correct marketing assets, by utilising our Brand Portal. It provides a central place for sharing guidelines and encouraging brand collaboration.

“It's an easy online solution that guarantees the right branding message, ensures quality, reduces cost & provides employees with the tools they need to connect to do business & be successful.”

Sourcing Specialist M&S ODS Benelux, Philips IMS Procurement

Multichannel made easy

Let our technology do the work, so you can concentrate on perfecting a great customer experience.

"We’ve strongly appreciated their reliability and their talent to suggest user-friendly ways for mobile navigation and interaction design. Their approach has been exemplary for future projects.”

Global Online Marketing Manager, Philips Healthcare

Be more efficient

Whether you're a retailer and want accuracy with store allocations or you just want your internal marketing production processes to be more streamlined, our Marketing Operations Suite automates a lot of tasks. But, not only does it allow you to be more efficient internally, it also gives you the flexibility to respond to market changes.

"I’m delighted at the functionality APS's Price List Editor provides us for managing our price lists. It's easy to access, update & delivers output without the need for any additional workstreams."

Head of Product and Pricing, Volvo Car UK Limited

Track your material

Just one system to guide you through, track the life of a project and complete the audit trail. No more disparate systems creating confusion.

Connect your brand across the world

By using our Brand Portal you'll be able to share relevant marketing knowledge within your company and build collective intelligence.

On demand marketing material

You can create and publish multichannel material from a single source whenever you need it.

9 modules to speed up productivity and improve employee collaboration

While the separate modules can be deployed as stand-alone tools, you get the greatest benefits when the modules are integrated to support your entire marketing operations.

Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager

By using Workflow Manager you can create campaigns and projects and share with your colleagues and agencies online. Collaborate, approve and manage from start to finish, without having to go through different systems, emails and folders.

  • Workflow to guide all parties on what to do and when
  • ‘To do’ lists to manage everyone’s time and prioritisation of all jobs
  • Mark up documents and view others’ comments real time

Brand Portal

Brand Portal

By using our Brand Portal you can protect and unify your brand identity as well as share relevant marketing knowledge within your company. It can act as a place to communicate your brand guidelines, store brand assets and share templates that your colleagues and agencies can download and use.

  • Comprehensive resource for colleagues and partners
  • Ready to use design materials
  • Promote unified implementation of all design initiatives

Media Publisher

Media Publisher

Using our structured templates, we can easily separate the content from the design and layout of your documents. With a single source of content you can translate, localise and publish documents quickly and effectively across multiple channels ensuring a reduction in approval cycles, version control, design and brand identity.

  • Editable, non-editable areas and pre-approved content
  • Collaborate and approve online
  • Automated translations

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Asset Manager gives you and your agencies regulated creation, management and review of all your active and archived files of all media formats in a user-friendly and searchable environment.

  • Enrich your assets with customised metadata
  • Import/update and transform your assets in bulk
  • Monitor asset usage and version history

Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Operations Manager provides one place to manage and control your production projects. Working with your agencies, print providers or other colleagues and partners, you can centralise all your briefing communications and project costs. Get started with a simple wizard that guides you through gathering your requirements for all your jobs, allow your agencies to upload artwork and proof them.

  • e-procurement from approved vendors
  • Sign off all proofs online
  • Monitor cross-media project progress online

Web Shop

Web Shop

An online shop where your customers, sales force, dealers and branches can find all of the collateral, customised and personalised marketing assets, desktop and promotional items they need.

And there’s no need to have a separate system linking it to stock levels, because it already is! You can get instant feedback on any item’s availability and its usage, enabling you to gain insight into how things are being used.

  • Browse through the catalogue or use quick or advanced meta data search options
  • View stock availability and pricing in your currency and language
  • Restrict access and set maximum order levels


Communications Manager

Communications Manager

Communications Manager simply pushes your message out across channels. It enables you to create multichannel campaigns that boost response rates through and ensures that your customer gets the same great experience whatever they see. Map your customer’s journey and tailor your messages through personalisation and targeted interaction.

  • Email, SMS, Web, Transactional and Direct Mail
  • Customised online templates for you to quickly adapt your campaign
  • Dynamic documents that let your customers can interact with you

Store Profiler

Store Profiler

We’ve developed a store profiling app that captures full store audits as well as retail managers to manage store information in real-time. So, whether you’re in marketing, merchandising, property or procurement it enables you to drive POS improvements, reduce waste and costs, improve compliance and assists with future store developments.

  • Easily audit and manage visual assets, displays, fixtures and window sizes
  • Automatically calculate POS quantities and allocation
  • Record store demographics, surroundings and competitor activity

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence platform gathers all your required information using extract-transform-load processes creating any output format from any source. If your information is recorded, it can be extracted and you can understand the effectiveness of your campaign, operational efficiencies and feed that back into your decision making.

  • Data tables, charts and graphs and dashboards
  • Merge data from different sources including 3rd party systems
  • Online interactive reports

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