Our digital strategist Georgia Marshall-Brown takes a look…

Whatever hat we may be wearing we now have dozens of tools in our personal and professional lives to help us do things quicker and slicker. But, with all of us on the hunt for that elusive ‘life hack’, how much are these technologies helping us to be more efficient or creative versus delaying the inevitable task?

On the surface, technologies like Slack, Trello and Whatsapp, may appear to be the modern-day equivalent of the ‘to do’ list where we organise and categorise, rather than just getting on and doing. After all, there is a strange sense of efficiency when we send a meeting request, even though no real progress has been made.

In all aspects of our lives, it’s easy to feel bombarded – but, rather than thinking the problem lies with having too much technology at our disposal, we need to look at cherry picking the tools that actually aid us. Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve and whether any of these technologies can support you. At work, it might mean using some of these platforms to automate some of the more mundane tasks – including assigning tasks or keeping up to date with a schedule of delivery – which free you up to focus on the bigger picture.

‘Bread and butter’ tactics shouldn’t be overlooked either. Some of the oldest methods have stuck around for a reason – you simply cannot replace a face-to-face get-together where people sit in a room, scribbling on whiteboards, grabbing stickies and littering the windows, floors and other surfaces until they’ve come up with a brilliant idea.

Whether a business or consumer, today’s technology-driven world means you could be forgiven for wanting to be present on every single digital platform going. But by focusing on what you want to achieve, technology can become the enabler, helping us to deliver that crucial end result – whether it’s being more efficient, more creative or more relevant.

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