We’d like to share some wider facts about print sustainability as well as diving into how you can use the FSC logo in your marketing and comms. This small logo can be powerful to your customers. We’ll cover:

  • The sustainable lifecycle of print
  • All about FSC and what it means
  • How to showcase sustainability in your print and bring it in line with your brand’s purpose
  • How are other brands doing it, using Co-op and BBC as examples
  • Future sustainability trends to watch out for

Who needs to attend?

This is a great one for marketers and procurement professionals who are looking to widen their sustainability knowledge.

Meet our expert hosting the sessions

Paula Jenkinson, Head of Client Services, APS Group

Paula has over 20 years’ experience on both the client and agency side, across a range of industry sectors such as retail, charity and financial services. Putting clients at the heart of everything, understanding strategy as well as delivery, she is passionate about delivering great service and ensuring client expectations are met and exceeded wherever possible.

Register your interest

If you’d like to register your interest, please drop us an email at marketing@theapsgroup.com. Make sure to include your name, company, telephone number and the name of the workshop.

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