Persuasion and response techniques for writing and design – workshop

2019 workshop series

Learn how the evolution of advertising messaging and how persuasion, psychology and behavioural science techniques have aided marketers and advertisers in raising awareness and selling products and services.

During this 90 minute session, we’ll break down the techniques used to showcase the nuances of language and how different techniques can be adopted with ease.

This is perfect for marketers looking to learn the detail of psychology and behaviour.

Meet our experts hosting the session

Julian Gratton, Group Creative Director, APS Group

An award-winning group creative director with over 20 years’ global marketing, advertising and digital experience. Julian has a copywriting background and consults globally for clients on the use of psychology, persuasion techniques and behavioural science in design, ideas and the written word.

Abi Davidson, Head of Copy, APS Group

From TV and radio adverts to social and direct marketing, Abi has spent the last 10 years coming up with ideas that engage audiences, and words that persuade them. With experience across numerous industries -including travel, healthcare, charity, retail, fashion, sport and insurance -she offers a dynamic and creative approach to brand positioning and tone of voice for our clients.