Thanks to technology, consumers are now more connected and empowered than ever before.

The role of digital technology in retail is only becoming more vital, not only to drive sales online, but also to enhance shopping experience in-store. Our own Darren Jackson, director of Retail Solutions at APS has highlighted the importance of in-store technology to enhance customer experience, drive sales and pay off dividends.

Whether this is through large scale digital screens, designed to optimise customer engagement, beacon technologies to interact with customers at the store and shelf level, or creating retailtainment experiences which last beyond the bricks and mortar store – digital is without doubt an important investment for retailers.

Darren, who has led retail POS campaigns for clients such as Superdrug and bathstore shares his thoughts on digitally connected POS with Retail Design World and you can read his guest post here

You can also find out more information on digital signage by downloading our complimentary whitepaper – it includes a study we conducted regarding engagement levels between print and digital.