MailSecure – our hybrid mail solution

From desktop to post box

Hybrid mail reduces the amount of time, effort and money it takes to mail any volume of letters or documents for little or no upfront costs. Our flexible hybrid mail solution, MailSecure, allows you to consolidate the printing, management and dispatch of your general office mail from our secure and fully accredited facility.

Because of the significant cost-savings available, many organisations demand a hybrid mail solution as part of the print management service provided by their existing bulk print & mail providers.

Our hybrid mail solution is unique in that it gives you the ability to offer your customers choice. They can receive an e-mail  or a paper version – or both.

The benefits

You’ll benefit from a reduction in procurement costs typically associated with producing documents such as sourcing stationery, envelopes or expensive printing costs along with significant postal savings from our agnostic Down Stream Access postal solutions.

  • Save up to 60% on the whole process
  • Many IT support calls are printer-related, so with a managed service you can significantly decrease the load on your IT Help Desk
  • Running and staffing a post room is an expensive activity, a hybrid mail service will reduce or even eradicate your requirement for such a facility
  • The buying power of our high volume production facility means you can reduce your costs and take advantage of bulk order procurement
  • Brand, communication and compliance errors are eliminated
  • Lower your carbon footprint by up to 50%
  • It’s an easy install – up and running in 3 weeks

In control

MailSecure gives you full control over the content and design of your documents – amend, approve and audit at any point prior to delivery.

We provide all stationery and our white paper solution eliminates stock piles of pre-printed letterheads and literature – eliminating any obsolescence.

All of our processes are controlled and delivered via our fully accredited, compliant UK-based facility, so you can be confident of complete document integrity and transparency throughout the full process.

Enhance with our data services

Our data specialists spend time to understand how to enrich your customer communications.