We had to get to the heart of what the Mounted Police section means to Merseyside Police, Businesses and the Communities of Merseyside . This involved understanding the key objections and motivations in order to help us build a positioning and identity that everyone could be proud of and would perfectly encapsulate what the Mounted Section stand for.

Merseyside Mounted Police Section branded saddle
Merseyside Mounted Police Section 'Stand Tall With Us'


Our identity needed to be truly owned by the Mounted Section, therefore its building blocks were born from the elements of Merseyside – streets, communities, the river and of course the famous Liver Bird as well as the horses themselves. Our supporting marketing materials needed to have a gravitas to them so the various audiences could feel the sense of pride that the horses and officers have in serving the people. Photography days at the stable and around Merseyside plus skilled retouching, allowed us to create the beautiful images to use in the campaign.

Merseyside Mounted Police Section posters
Merseyside Mounted Police Section bus stop ad


From fund raising brochures to a new website and other supporting marketing materials, we delivered the entire campaign on time and within a tight budget to help ensure the future of one of the UK’s oldest Mounted Sections.

Merseyside Mounted Police Section icon