The Challenge

APS Agency were approached to manage Ideal Standard’s social media channels at the event, as well as ensuring that during the event, social media channels were optimised with content that promoted the events taking place in Frankfurt such as press conferences and product launches.

Ideal standard - Frankfurt event

We Think

Our pre-event approach involved posts around the new brand pillars to create an emotion, countdown posts to build excitement about the event and a LinkedIn strategy to encourage the 15,000 followers on LinkedIN to also follow the brand on Instagram.

Ideal standard - Frankfurt event

We Create

Our team, comprising of social media managers and filming, editing and photography professionals landed in Frankfurt the day before the event and immediately set about capturing what Ideal Standard had to offer at ISH, with a posting strategy comprised of the following:

  • Mix of reportage style shots from the stand and beautiful product shots all showcasing the range and the new brand positioning with a focus on the 3 defined brand pillars.
  •  Instazines – Instagram is great platform to showcase beautiful product shots, however in order to portray product innovation, a greater level of detail was required. We created a series of Instazines – Instagram posts specifically designed to be mini catalogues that gave a greater level of product detail
  • Reactive Instagram stories and daily highlight reels were posted throughout the week of the conference building on the buzz surrounding the event and tapping into the audience attending
Ideal standard - Frankfurt event

We Deliver

At the end of the pre-event activity and in-event activity, we had grown Ideal Standard’s following from 50 followers to over 5,000, with numbers increasing all the time due to an ‘emotion’ based posting strategy.

"I would like to thank APS Group assisted for a successful ISH 2019. Their dedication, availability and efforts are appreciated. Our posts look great, they drive engagement and growth which is the key in social media."
Global Digital Director, Ideal Standard