Making more possible with your TV advertising budget to deliver more content across multiple screens.

At the APS Group, we firmly believe in making more possible for our clients’ budgets across all types of marketing activity, whether it be instore, online or on TV, mobile and tablet screens. So when we were entrusted to bring the new brand to life on TV and VOD we ensured that we delivered maximum content for the budget to ensure the impact of the new brand launch was maximised and not a second of time was wasted on the filming days.

As well as delivering three TV adverts and idents for This Morning, we meticulously planned out the shooting days to understand how we could maximise the available studio space and the downtime of the onscreen artists. This was so we could ensure the expense of the TV shoot was maximised to give as much video and stills content for their online store and all their social channels.

The power of the social pod

Our friends at The Gate Films kindly allowed us access to their social pod; a square mini studio space on wheels that is perfect for Instagram. This became a mini backdrop for a wide range of Studio branded stills. The initial grey coloured circle backdrop was then retouched to allow Studio to have the circles in any of their new brand colours.

In addition to still images for use across online and social, we also filmed a wide range of Boomerang style videos that highlighted Studio’s fashion and toy range. The Boomerangs, whilst quick to film, create a powerful and engaging mini-film that showcases Studio’s products in a fun and memorable way.

Pop up studios and roaming crew

In addition to the social pod, we had a number of pop-up studios set up with different coloured backdrops in the new brand colours. These allowed the artists to walk off-set and into a stills area to capture the clothing they were wearing with minimal disruption to the shooting schedule.

Our roaming film crew also enabled the capturing of fun behind the scenes film as well as interviews with key personnel on the shoot to paint a fuller picture of the new brand launch and highlight the key fashion, home and garden items for the spring and summer season.