APS Innovation Webinar: Welcome to the future: a new reality

Learn more from our innovation webinar with futurist Richard van Hooijdonk

APS are delighted to be partnering with the acclaimed Futurist Richard van Hooijdonk who hosted an innovation webinar held on the 11th June entitled ‘Welcome to the future: a new reality’. We examined the impact that the current pandemic is having on different industries and how brands and individuals can look to successfully navigate through the coming weeks and months ahead through a series of case studies, future trends and pioneering leadership techniques. More details on the agenda are listed below.

Are you ready for tomorrow’s world? How do you stay successful in challenging times? Together with Richard van Hooijdonk APS Group will take you on a one-hour journey towards a new future, a new reality.

  • From hero to zero – transitioning from success to uncertainty
  • The magic of a crisis or recession – what have we learned from past histories?
  • What did the corona crisis bring us – how are brand transforming positively in 2020?
  • Uncertainty as a foundation for innovation and disruption – how do we learn from those brands that succeeded in past crisis’
  • The acceleration of acceleration: A tremendous, fast-pace of tremendous change is coming – what are the ten most exciting trends leading up to 2030, and what is their impact?
  • The future after COVID- how will industries change and how can brands capitalize?
  • The organization of the future – how do businesses adapt to the world of tomorrow?
  • Digital business models: Faster, easier, cheaper and more profitable – how can new business models help you be successful in difficult times?
  • The future of leadership – what skills do tomorrow’s leaders need?
  • Future you! – what can you do to adapt your organization to the rapid changes that are about to happen?

Webinar Times
If you missed out on the webinar you can still received a live recording, please speak to your account team or email marketing@theapsgroup.com