Following significant wins in the financial and government sector, our growth continues with a £5 million investment in our cutting-edge print facility at Preston Brook, comprising an inbound and outbound centre for secure print and plastic card personalisation as well as a nationwide delivery and fulfilment centre. APS simultaneously installed a smart factory facility in a new unit next door, handling smaller runs of 3,000 packs and under.

Among the machinery added to our existing line-up is a new Ricoh colour VC60,000 and two brand new Fusion speed enclosers, capable of handling 30,000 packs an hour. An Eagle 40 inkjet spray device sprays mail marks envelopes directly at the mail sort stage, speeding up the downstream cycle time. APS are the only print company in the UK with this capability, underpinning recent contract wins.

APS Group Operations Director Stephen Goodall explains, “Having this smart factory facility next to our main centre of operations means that we truly can handle any job, no matter how large or how small. The larger site handles all our low-variety, high-volume work, while our new smart factory does exactly the opposite, covering high-variety, low-volume jobs.”

You can find out more about Preston Brook here