Technology cuts price list costs for Volvo

The Volvo Car Corporation, founded in 1927, is one of the car industry’s strongest brands. APS has been supporting Volvo Cars in Europe on the development of marketing collateral since 2007.

Volvo Cars typically issues a price list for all car models twice a year. Each price list contains a number of variable costs, including, accessories, options, paint finish and interiors. These price lists were manually created by a team of artworkers, taking time and increasing costs. So, Volvo required a faster solution to create and edit price lists.

Online document creation

We consolidated all price lists into our online document creation tool, MediaPublisher. Manual intervention was removed and the client could build up a database of documents, stored in one location.

MediaPublisher allows authorised users to create and edit price lists using a text interface – simply enter the copy and MediaPublisher takes care of the layout and design, instantly generating a PDF for approval. Once approved, price lists are automatically locked, preventing additional editing and limiting mistakes.

Simplifying the workflow

By using MediaPublisher to automate the creation of the price lists we simplified the workflow and reduced the workload. Price lists can be automatically published across multiple channels – including print, web, mobile sites, apps and online interactive ‘car configuration’ applications.

"I’m delighted at the functionality APS's Price List Editor provides us for managing our price lists; it is easy to access, update & delivers a professional looking output without the need for any additional workstreams. It’s impossible to say exactly how much time & money has been saved, but this tool is definitely here to stay!"

Head of Product and Pricing, Volvo Car UK Limited

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