At the end of the season, Manchester United re-placed the hallowed Old Trafford pitch (after being in situ for 10 years), presenting the club with the unique opportunity to offer fans around the world the chance to win a prize rooted in greatness – a piece of turf, and a piece of history.

Fans were to be given the chance to win one of 100 pieces of turf; 25 of which are iconic sections – the exact place where a moment of greatness took place. Set within an acrylic box preserving the turf for years to come, each piece was engraved with the Manchester United crest along with details of the moment that took place.

To support the competition and spread the word of this once in-a-lifetime opportunity, we devised a 3-month social media campaign with international scope.

Integrated marketing tactics

From this core proposition, the team created an integrated suite of marketing materials – starting with a bespoke website, publicised via a dedicated Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, posters, MUTV, blogger outreach, dynamic banner ads and a series of viral videos.


Social media allowed us to get it out to supporters around the world and give this hallowed piece of turf the send-off it deserves: a celebration to which everyone’s invited. The global reach of the campaign exceeded our targets, showing that it pays off to leverage a highly emotional asset, create sharable content around a simple but powerful proposition and back the campaign up with the ability to deliver on a digital promise in the real world. Rather than relying solely on the ManUnited brand and existing channels, we worked hard to reach people around the world, making the turf send-off the most inclusive celebration it could be. It stopped being a club story and became a fan story.

Here are the results

  • 135,000 entries
  • from 204 countries
  • winners selected from 36 countries

Across social media, the campaign engaged fans from all over the world, in particular on Facebook:


The hash-tag #thisisyourturf generated:

  • 32,000 social mentions
  • across 141 countries

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