Philips Literature Management System

The Challenge

Philips Healthcare and Lighting create a lot of marketing material, such as brochures and POS, to support their local sales organisations in generating leads.

Project managers need to stay in close contact with different stakeholders; design agencies, DTP agencies, translation agencies and printers, in order to have the material available on time and consistent with brand identity guidelines.

Philips Literature Management System

The Response

Philips was looking for an integrated workflow that would help them structure their POS and print management process. Using our Marketing Operations Suite technology we gave Philips a literature management system, which provides streamlined and optimised workflows, efficient translation and localisation processes and 24/7 project status.

The Result

Literature management system benefits include:

  • Quicker and clearer communication between all stakeholders
  • Complete version control
  • Efficient and easy translation workflow
  • Significant cost savings
  • Consistency for messaging and brand identity

So planning, designing , print management and consequent online ordering resulted in consistent  marketing materials in both message and branding across the globe.

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