Asset management for Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) is located in Geel, Belgium with dealerships in 30 European countries. HCEE began working with APS Group in 2012.

HCEE not only required a central place to store all digital content and have the ability to publish those assets across Europe, but they also required an online solution to manage the entire workflow for the production of their marketing collateral.

Agile roadmap

To give HCEE this solution, our technical specialists in development, data, integration and automation configured our technology suite.

By taking a journey of continual development, we built an agile and flexible roadmap for HCEE. Our workflow system now manages all elements of the process from prepress files and print production to translations and shipment across Europe.

By interlinking and integrating our platform to support HCEE’s marketing operations, we’ve been able to create a reporting capability to show detailed management insights.

Centralised solution

HCEE has a much simpler, easy-to-access and flexible process for their dealers to order materials. The central team can also monitor and control what is being ordered.

To date, more than 13,000 assets, including brochures, images and operator manuals, are stored in the system.

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