Engagement across the BBC

The BBC is the world’s largest broadcaster, providing public service broadcasting primarily to the UK.

It was essential to build early engagement with the BBC’s many internal stakeholders and help them control their print spend.

We began working with the BBC to manage centralised print procurement and enable better cost control across the broadcaster’s many departments. Major challenges included overcoming negative perceptions of print management and supporting end users who were used to buying print directly.

To deal with this we rolled out a series of workshops and road shows to understand challenges and expectations.

We reviewed and re-engineered a number of internal processes to improve cost control; for example, any off-roster print buying must be approved by the central procurement team.

We also identified key suppliers across the UK and carried out in-depth audits looking at a range of factors, including financial stability, working practices and environmental accreditations.

In less than a year off-roster spend accounted for less than 3% of the total print spend and we achieved an average score of four (Highly Confident) on customer satisfaction, measured by both APS and internal satisfaction surveys.

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